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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

First Day at Holiday Class

Lil C started his holiday program (for kids age 2.5-3yo) yesterday, in one of the so-called Montessori school in town. He was quite excited about going to a 'big' school (as compared to MaMa's homeschool) and told him that he will do lots of arts and craft there.. an activity that he likes to do..

How was he? hmm... SInce it was his first day, I decided to accompany him for the day. The first few minutes, he heard lots of crying toddlers and he was already shaken!! A teacher saw him an dragged him to the common hall to join the singing and he was crying looking for me.. More and more kids crying and the place was in a mess (i thought)!

Next, the principal told the toddlers to sit on a long table.. and funny that all the PLE materials were just thrown to the children without being properly introduced to them. It's like throwing gold to the adults! The children started to abuse instead of working with the materials.. They didnt know how to use the materials the right way.. even using tweezers for such tiny hands... They were not able to do it! It just hurt their hands and they got frustrated with it.. Green beans from the dry pouring materials was everywhere on the table and floor... I even saw a young kid picked it up from the floor and was trying to taste one in to his mouth! I recalled the principal told the kids to return the materials before they started a new one.. but how can they when no one really showed them from the beginning of taking the tray out from the shelf?? No one even showed the kids the proper way to hold and balance a tray on their hands..?? I just shook my head in despair and the question about whether I am doing the right thing by sending him schooling here ..?? In the background, I could still hear some of the 2.5yo kids screaming & wailing, looking for the parents..

The long hair lady in blue is one of the kid's maid who accompanied the child. Instead of the child doing the 'work', it was the maid who did it for her..

Lil C was doing dry pouring. He did this activity with me before.. but I used a smaller glass pitcher and bigger beans. That would be easier to control instead of the slippery green beans.

Next activity was painting a collage puzzle.. Lil C's favourite thing, painting using paintbrush! Most of the kids were settled during this activity... I think it really made their lil mind focus on their hands and the materials. After a while, there's a big size kid who sat next to lil C took the colour pallete away without considering the other kids... hmmm... I am just observing.... Didnt want to intervene.. tahan only!!
Lil C and cousin Isaac concentrating with their painting work. It was quite interesting when Isaac only painted the base and not the puzzles... I really wonder what is in his lil mind. Some of the kids got help from maid/parents/teachers.. Not like I am complaining, but I just wonder why dont they just leave the kids alone and let their creativity take places..

After cleaning up, it was time for the kids to the living room where they were doing the knobbed puzzles.. It managed to grab lil C's concentration from looking for me., but after a while when the area was packed with more kids.. he started looking for me and told me that he was hungry, ready for snack.

Snack time, he was good. Ate his 3 half of his Ham-Chim-Piang and a half-full cup of Milo. He was happy but insisted that I must be visible bfore him.

After snack, it was the Phonics lesson where the teacher did a general phonics introduction using visual and listening aid. She didnt use the sensorial materials. First lil C was watching and listen to the phonics song, but half way, he got bored and left his seat.

Even the colouring lesson, he didnt want to join anymore... He looked exhausted and kept asking me to carry him.

I didnt take anymore photos.. was mentally stress too and tired with lil C's seeking for attention at this time.. Too many lil thoughts came to my mind.. Questing every single thing that the teachers do if it is according to Montessori Approach or not...

The next 30minutes bfore class ended, the children was brought to the living hall to watch cartoons video.. Okay, this I couldnt agree at all.. Remarks from a teacher was that, at last the kids are able to settle down.. even the crying ones had stopped crying!! More and more Qs in my dizzy head asking if this is the right thing to do.. I hardly encourage lil C to watch TV, what more cartoons.. Normally, if he does watch TV, I dont leave him a lot watching it... I make sure there's conversation created on what was going on in the channel.. Instead of sitting still like all the other kids did, lil C begged me to bring him outside to play.. For once, I agreed and took him away from the cheering group!

So, there he was, happy playing on the slides... MaMa got a break from that and soon after brough cousin Isaac & lil C home for lunch...

TODAY, PaPa sent lil C to school... also request by lil C himself. Just called papa and asked his reaction, he said,"lil C was good, waved good-bye to papa and went into his new school"...

SIL (Isaac's mom) just smsed said lil C did cry for a while just now but then now he is ok.

So, Lil C's happy... should I still be despair? I was thinking to send him to that school next year, to start with his pre-schooling.. More like getting a break from him esp when the baby arrives in April.....

I still wish to homeschool with him.. hopefully, our new house will be ready soon and I can create a prepared environment for the children..


Elaine said...

Doesn't sound like a true montessori school...but I guess most of the montessori school in M'sia are like that. I gave up hope on enrolling my kids into one.

Joandarcy said...

yah!!! I also did my research, it was one of the better ones. Have most of the materials, but they dont practise it the right way.. Sigh!!

Leah said...

I wouldn't call that Montessori either.
Montessori is more than a house of toys!:-)

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