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Sunday, March 20, 2005


We had C's fullmoon on the 19th March, instead of the 22nd. I guessed becoz that's date (19th) falled on a sunday, where friends/relatives would be able to attend. Had it at our residence in Luyang, KK.

C weighed around 3.5kg, gained a kilo up! Good for you, sonny! Geez, in this pix, I still have that baby fat on me. I still cant believed that I gained alomost 20kg during my pregnancy. Believe it or not, I hated my figure so much that I banned dear hubby to take any of my preggy's pix.. hehehehe.. Now, I kinda regretted it.. no remembrance of it anymore.. unless I have my 2nd one... too early to think of it! Still can feel the trauma.. ewww!!!

Pix taken at our backyard! Hehehe.. poor lil C is bald! reminded of dear hubby's residing hair too! opps!!! very sensitive issue... tee hee hee.. Anyways, looking at this pix, cant imagine how would he be when he starts crawling..... Just cant stop hugging and kissing him... Cant never get over him enuff!!!

To all our friends / relatives who came, thank you for your attendance & gifts!

By now, lil Cis able to lift his head and prefers to be carried as in the pix or on the shoulder. Funny that he'll protest if we carries him on our arms lying. He thinks he's a big boy now!

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