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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Cousin's visit

Was trying to recall when one of my nephew visited us today. Cousin #1 saw CM and said, "Baby, open mouth, show teeth" while showing his own set of teeth to CM... We were laughing out loud! That was soooo cute... but where did he get that idea?? a two year old toddler!!!

Baby / Toddlers' mind are programmed. Its like GIGO (Garbage in, Garbage out). What ever comes out from their mouth are actually copied from parents or people around them....

Makes me worried, would CM copes with it as he gets older?
. . .oh oh!

Here's a picture of Lil C and Isaac in their baptism gown (before and after).. hehehe..cute dolls! FYI, both were knitted by my MIL.. any orders??

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The two Hengtai-s (Brother)... ada muscle..

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Jewelle said...

Ya, very nice knitted gowns. Berapa lah macam tu?

Joan D'Arcy said...

hehe.. thanks.. hmmm... a bit rusty sudah sia nie.. the benang & lining, sudah mcm RM80-90+...

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