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Tuesday, February 28, 2006

The Christians

Have you ever had a conversation with a person during one of your travels, then realised that he live just a block away from you! hehehe... It's weird and exciting, isnt it..

Well, beat this:
This was in Sept 2004. I met a charming lady during my ante-natal class at PhysioCare. We shared a lot about our excitement being pregnant, and had fun during our classes! When she gave birth (it was New Year 2005), she smsed me to share the happy news and told me that her darling Christian Xanders Webber-Lai has been delievered safely. The funny bit was, we shared about almost everything, but we never mentioned our darlings' future name.

Another event was when lil C was 2 months plus, we brought him to Mary Immaculate Church. I saw this adorable baby was carried by his mom.. He has so much hair (and also his size) made him look 5 months old baby. We shared our smiles, and I was told that her darling was only 3 months old then. In June 2005, during lil C's baptism, I saw a baby named Christian Ho was listed for that occasion. And suprising enough, it was them! hehehe.. what a coincidence!

Hey, I thought that the name Christian is uncommon! (just for the record)

Popularity of the male name Christian
Year of birth Rank
2004 24
2003 25
2002 24
2001 24
2000 22
1999 25
1998 26
1997 25
1996 24
1995 28
1994 35
1993 35
1992 35
1991 48
1990 60
Note: Rank 1 is the most popular, rank 2 is the next most popular, and so forth. Name data are from Social Security card applications for births that occurred in the United States.

So, here they are, the 3 Christians during lil C's birthday party!
That's us! Say Cheese!!
Mama Lai & C, Mama Vun & C, Mama Ho & C
(Both CVun & CHo fighting over the 'sword'.. trying to be a 'warrior'.. hehehe)


Why did I choose Christian Marc for his name? hhmm...

Christian means follower of Christ. To me it sounded very charismatic.
Marc means warlike. To me, its masculine. I read once on the web that in French, Marc has the same meaning as Celine (heavenly), reserved for the man. hhmm...

So, when combine together, the name feels so powerful, a great leader... hehehe.. *shrugs* hopefully! tee hee hee .. No pressure, boy!! =)

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