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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

CNY D2 @ Kudat

We were in Kudat for the 2nd day of CNY. Left home around 9am and arrived Kudat around 11.30am. Lil C slept the whole journey.. soo cute! Here's his pics on the way to the Coconut Town.

"MaMa, doggiee" means lil C wanna bring his best friend along..

"Dont forget my rugsack" most important thing

On the way... Lil C looked sslleeeeppyyyy

"scruff..scruff" playing with doggie

Biting the best part, doggie's tail


Arrived in Kudat, lunch in the car

Burp, done with lunch... drink some water!

Visited friends there and again distributed some Ang Pows.. hehehe... This is a reciprocate act when friends gave Lil C Ang Pows.. hee hee hee..

Left for home (KK) around 3pm and arrived KK around 7pm. Well, on the way home, PaPa stopped the car to get some local corns... MaMa doesnt really fancy corn, but loves the famous roasted corn.. yummy yum! The cons about stopping is that it woke up Lil C.. Once he got up, he didnt wanna continue his sleep... Imagine, MaMa hadda entertained him for like 2 hrs plus, just to make him mentally occupied and not cranky... Well, we hadda stopped at Kota Belud coz lil C needed a break.. Maybe sitting too long.. Arrived home, MaMa was kinda carsick after turning here and there, played with Lil C on our journey home.

Dinner at BIL, which lives only next block to us. Then, Mah Jong session continued... Lil C & MaMa was ZZzzzzzz... tired due to the looooooooooooooooong day trip..

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