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Monday, January 15, 2007

Absorbent Mind

I have not teach lil C the name of the 26 alphabets yet, nor I introduced him with any of those directly. I wanted to teach him the sound (phonics) first, but not so soon.

Today, KungKung was playing with lil C , asked him to 'fix' the alphabets mat by placing the loose ones into the right match. To our suprised, he managed to fix them correctly! In fact, all of them!!

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It is his absorbent mind that made him able to remember the positions of all the alphabets. He would not know what is A, B, C and so on. But, he stands and plays on this mat everyday. So, indirectly, his mind works like a sponge, without any effort, absorbs whatever he sees, creates photographic memories. Amazing!!

Montessori's Principle
"The underlying principle in Montessori theory is that the learning capacity of a young child is fundamentally different from that of an adult. The difference is not merely the quantity that can be learned: unlike the adult, the child appears able simply to absorb, without effort, through participating in an activity. The young child has an “absorbent mind,” which lasts until the child is approximately six years of age. "

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