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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Missing In Action

Hi all,
Sorry there would not be any frequent updates from my side as I am doing a family project : The 4th edition of Wong Loong Family Tree book. The committee members of the Wong Loong Association is organising the 3th WL Reunion on the 21st July, 2007 at Tun Fuad Hall, Penampang... More work to do there!

Any of you Wong Loong out there, do drop me a message for further info. Please visit us at www.wongloong.net too, to see our growing family tree.. who knows, u may be one of us! :p

Celine om Paganakan.


Jewelle said...

Finally, I was wondering what you were up to...I was even thinking you even decided to open your own montessori school!

I know a few of your wongloong family members (which sabahan doesn't?) jso looking forward to see your family updates, good luck :-)

Celine said...

Hi Jewelle,
Yeap.. its either blogging (soon after blog-hopping which cant be helped) or doing my research for the next WL book! ;) So, hafta sacrifice the first one for a while.

Hope I am able to revamp the wongloong.net after our reunion in July.

Psst.. are you WL too?

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