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Sunday, August 19, 2007

Christian latest TV fav

This is funny & cute.. and lil C with cuz Isaac love these steps. Those who subscribe NHK in their astro prog, check it out. Every weekday, 12.15pm channel 13, the PythagoraSwitch show.

What did they say? Its in Japanese, doing the infamous Algorithm March.

Here's the translation & lyrics... I must learn this!!!

Algorithm March (Arugorizumu Koushin, アルゴリズム こうしん) lyrics

Take one step forward and reach forward
Ippo susande maenarae

Take one step forward and you're a better person

Ippo susande eraihito

Turn around and bow to the person

Hikkurikaete pekorinko

Walk sideways and look around
Yoko ni aruite kyorokyoro

Wait a little here and do a wide swim
Chotto kokorade hiraoyogi

Kneel for a bit and pick up a chestnut
Chotto shangande kurihiroi

We'll put air in it "woosh woosh"
Kuuki iremasu shuu shuu

The air is inside "pyuu pyuu"
Kuuki ga haitte pyuu pyuu

1 comment:

hazel said...

LOL!! So cute... I hafta show this to Christian Sr and Carissa! They are sure to be entertained. :)

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