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Sunday, September 16, 2007

Wong Loong Family Reunion 2007

I know I have been slacking updating this site. After our Family Reunion Gathering in July, I have been catching my sleep, that I have not been up to even check my emails.

During the reunion, I was delighted that I met a number of my relatives whom I have never meet before (only corresponds via emails). Thanks guys for emailing me the photos. I didnt bring my camera coz I tot dear Hubby would take the snapshots, but he had to attend to cranky lil C who was sulking bcoz I couldnt be with him during that occasion. To those relatives that dont know me, I was one of the person behind the counter, selling our family tree book. hehehe!!!!

Here's a short movie clip of the happenings, and those relatives who wish to purchase this 80min DVD, please contact celine@wongloong.net. Thanks.

1 comment:

Jewelle said...

Hi, welcome back! Looks like a very happening family gathering - it is nice to meet relatives you never seen before isn't it?

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