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Friday, November 23, 2007

18+ Weeks Old

I havent really mentioned about the baby in me.. Well, I guess the worries about the baby's health and everything else made me being mum about it... Deep inside me, I keep praying so that everything will turn our okay. The horrors of my miscarriage in my 1st still haunting me.. My mum had miscarriage twice , MIL had miscarriage once and a stillborn .... Cant help but keep thinking about it.

Of course with joy, I am glad that baby seemed to be okay so far. Thank you, Lord. He started kicking when he was 16weeks, that was when I was in Membakut at my parent's place.

Lil C starts enjoying his new sibling's presence. Early morning, he will ask if baby has awaken, wish baby Good Morning and give a kiss on my growing belly. Sometimes, when he wants me to carry him and I am just too tired, I will tell him that I couldnt carry both baby & lil C together. Of course, he wouldnt understand and insisted.. Urghh!!! My back is really aching and I hadda put hotpack everynight to ease the muscle strain.

This morning, I was wearing my skimpy-T and lil C made a remark saying that my tummy is very big, how come? I told him that baby is getting bigger and bigger everyday. Lil C asked if baby kicked my tummy, I told him sometimes. Funny, he always asks WHY? WHY? HOW COME? I just have to think of reasons to explain to him..

Few days back, he told me that he wants to keep his toys, to share with baby when he comes out. He wanted to show baby his new drum and will let baby to hold the drumsticks. I told him that baby would love it esp when Koko (lil C) teaches baby. Lil C asks, why?

I havent got the time to scan baby's ultrasound scan photos, to put in this blog yet.. My next review with gynae will be on the 14th Dec, after I return from my Singapore trip. It will be a thorough check-up from his head to his toe..and I just cant wait for that day to come. At least it eases my curiousity.. esp on baby's wellbeing. I had once during my pregnancy with lil C, when he was 20weeks old. It checked his skull, face, spine, femur, stomach,liver,heart etc development. I remembered the nurse who did the scanning informed that lil C will have pointy lips.. true indeed.. hehehe..

Oh, btw, I did tell doc that I dont really wanna know the sex of my baby... (Tho hubby is the opposite.. hehehehe).. My previous scan, I tot I saw something that revealed the sex... but not too sure yet... *grin* Till my next post on baby in me

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