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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Blessed Christmas, everyone!

This is a post-dated entry. We were away, to my parents' house on Christmas day. Didnt have the time to posts the photos.

Had dinner with the Vuns at PIL's house on Christmas Eve. (This posting took me ages to download the pics.... They are just too huge!!!!! Humburghh!!!)

Oh Christmas tree, Oh Christmas tree..

The prezzies..

Jingle Bell Rock!

Pose with uncle Jason

The hungry couple ~ we were the last to leave the table...

Killing time...

..while waiting for prezzie opening session..
(yeah, we dont wait for boxing day...)

Isaac, as usual, did the thing that he does best!

Finally!!! Just cant wait any longer!

One for you!

Got our prezzies... yeah! yeah!

It's show time!
I am a happy child, what more would I ask for..

Another one!

"It speaks for me!"

After pestering SukSuk the for a couple of months now, finally, he got what he wanted!

Go skooter-boy!

Yo! Merry Christmas, Ah Pak @k@ Dai-Q

Believe it or not, this is the hottest item among the boys!
Dont pray-pray, we are training them to do domestic housework!

Ah, and I got a new toy too! But of coz, hubby actually got it for himself..
Just to make me agreeing to his spending spree, he told me its my Xmas gift!
Its kinda bulky, but photo quality is good, esp during night shot!

Love the flip-out screen!

The good: Great picture quality; manual exposure controls; flip-out screen.

The bad: Sluggish performance; heavy and bulky; can't use a neck strap.

The bottom line: Performance issues aside, the Canon PowerShot A650 IS combines large, good-looking photos and a generous feature set into a fine midrange shooter.

Specs: Resolution: 12.1 megapixels; Optical zoom: 6 x; Display type: 2.5 in LCD display


Montessorimum said...

Lil C can hold the pencil so well, my WH still can't. :P

Love the ironing toy...mana beli??

Joandarcy said...

Didnt really teach lil C on pencil gripping.. but I think the PLE helped a lot!

Not sure the iron mana beli.. gotta ask my BIL..

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