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Thursday, January 17, 2008

Mi cute lil cuz, Kimi

I was never really close to this tini cuz, becoz our age gap is soooooooo far! Both of us are dragons (ngam ka Kim?).. so, that's like 12 years apart. She was growing up, I was in a far far away land...

When I saw her in Church a year back, I thought she was only 12 years old (Sorry Kim.. so cute bah u!).. Her mom told me that she had just finished her F5 and pursuing for further studies... A n artist, a lil genius in the family!!! Wanted to be a paed, but her mum, who is a nurse, brainwashed her and now she is a future architect!!! Nanti u design my dream house kay, girl!

Lil Kimi, proud of you... I curi and posted your arts here... nanti I give u royalty ah! All the best, cuzzie!

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