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Thursday, January 03, 2008

What are Suitable Montessori Toys?

Some friends might see me as a boring, old fashion mother. It is so difficult for me to select toys / books for lil C becoz I feel that they are not appropriate for him, to stimulate his mind in learning to discover the world his own.. I dont agree on toys that uses batteries and books that has animals (esp wearing clothes) talking to each other, especially for a child below 5years old. Do not get confuse with creative imagination and fantasy

So, suggestions on suitable montessori toys for the developing mind:

In line with Montessori philosophy here are some suggested toys & gifts for the different age groups and also some developmental considerations.

Many quality toys have age guides to help choose what the appropriate age is, but remember these serve as a guide and always check for small pieces when young children are around. The quality of the toy’s materials is a valid consideration; natural wooden toys will last far longer than plastics, but can prove a challenge to wash. Lillard and Jessen (2003, ‘Montessori from the start’) said your only purpose is to give a key to you child for discovering his world. Toys and materials can act as that key, they aid the child’s understanding of the real world and help them distinguish order and make sense of their environment. This is a true gift to the child.

Montessori Toys for Infants

Birth to 6 months - Babies are interested in exploring the senses of sight sound and touch

6-12 months - Developmentally interested in mobility, crawling, learning to walk, safety important as objects still being mouthed

12 to18 months - Children this age are curious about how things work and still put most things in their mouth. Mobility, coordination and manipulative skills are still developing.

Toys & Gift Suggestions: Birth to 18 months

  • soft toys
  • things with bright contrasting colors
  • rattles (wooden or silver)
  • mobiles ( that catch children’s attention/ reflective)
  • squeaky toys
  • music boxes
  • balls ( of various sizes and textures)
  • knock down toys
  • blocks
  • bath and pouring toys
  • simple wooden musical instruments
  • push or pull toys
  • spinning top
  • drop boxes
  • stacking toys
  • rings and bases
  • board books

Montessori Toys for Toddlers

18 to 24 months - Children are learning to control events and organize the world, they have little sense of danger. Mostly, cannot share. They want to imitate you, yet are still becoming independent

2-3 years - More imitation of adult behavior and exploration of the adult world. Enjoy manipulating objects, express their own personality and test everything.

Toys & Gift Suggestions: 18 months to 3 years

  • posting toys
  • wooden jigsaws
  • blocks
  • sandpit toys
  • hammer and pegs
  • wooden animals
  • rocking horse
  • crayons, colored pens
  • paints, easel board
  • simple musical instruments
  • household objects (real child sized)
  • moving toys (such as trucks)
  • large threading beads
  • bean bags
  • wheelbarrow or a wagon
  • interlocking blocks
  • doll equipment and clothing
  • large cartons and boxes
  • play dough
  • realistic animals (farm or zoo)
  • child sized cleaning apparatus (mops, brooms, gardening tools)
  • simple story books
Resource: dailymontessori.com
Another recomended Site : www.michaelolaf.com


Montessorimum said...

I'm also very fussy when come to selecting toys. I'm not into video games ..to TV console, game boy , PSP for my kids. I prefer brainteaser.

Joandarcy said...

I always get s dissappinted whenever going to the toys store, bcoz there's hardly decent toys for the kids... I wonder if govt would consider banning rifles & guns toys as they promote violence.. esp at home!

crystal-ivy said...

Celine, I must learn from you how to choose the good toys for my irfan, honestly I am not good on it.. I only have some from your list toys suggestions from 18mth-3 years huhuhu but lately yes, Irfan loves plating with his play dough but he is more to cooking and cutting veges stuffs! huhuhu
btw, I wanna share with you this link, just got it from one of my fren... http://www.kidzpuzzle.com/ :)

Sandra@miabambina said...

yep! I also try to avoid toys with batteries as much as possible!
prefer something they can bang , stack, knock down, or use their imagination to turn the toys to something else! ( Maya just love her suppose to be tunnel into her version of rocking chair ! LOL she just put the tunnel on the side and crawl inside and start to rock her body )
Btw Celine and Elaine, need to as you guys as montessori expert, where can I buy montessori toys/stuffs online?

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