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Thursday, March 27, 2008

CD Learning

I am 'CD-learning' in the process... Have been reading soooo many CD info online lately.. (Not a grad yet, coz I havent bought any.. and blamed it to the prego brain, still kinda blurr2).

Some friends told me, just do it! Get them and learn... Actually, I am just lazy a 'poo-poo' freak mom! That means, I will run away if I smell poos. I know this sounds ridiculous from a mom of a 3yo kid by now... But even now, I do feel like throwing up when I clean lil C's. I dont touch any other kids' nor ever clean any kid's butt apart from mine! Imagine, now I am putting myself as a fulltime 'poo-poo' cleaner soon!

Sigh! I guess, now that I am worried about my kids' future generations.. (hahaha), I have informed DH that I will go on with my CD plan. (I kinda ditched the plan after a while, but dear Elaine's post made me to think twice.).. Also being green and stuffs like that!

I am in my 37weeks now.. anytime!!! I have to plan stuffs soon.. and I guess my first CD purchase would probably go to Miabambina.. becoz her place is just around the corner of mine.. (Not so close la, maybe 7mins drive!).. psst! Got discounts, ah? heheheh.. just kidd, sandra!

Ok, going back to my CD learning center! Adios for a while!


Elaine said...

haha...almost forgotten, still owe you a mail on which CD I like. :P spending too much time reading about homeschooling

Well.. don't get too intimidated into this CD thing la. Take it easy. :D

bennyliew.com said...

wa so rajin ah? wew!

farrahar said...

celine, if u geli the poopoo then u can use flushable liners. if got poopoo u can just flush the whole thing. if no poopoo u can wash and use 2-3 times. i also dont touch the poopoo. i just use the shower head and spray the poopoo into the toilet. then if got 'lebihan' i just use the berus and sabun buku fab and gently brush away those minor poopoo. senang baa.. try laa cd.. syiok tuhh hehehe

osindak said...

Hello! I've also just started going into CDs.. he he I bought two today - AIO for toddlers - for my son who's 2 years old. Can't wait to let my son wear it.. Tapi mau cuci dulu la. Got the CDs from Miranda

Sandra@miabambina said...

Celine, don't worry it wont be hard as you think it could be. I also know a few other moms who is geli with poo poo, and they use flushable liner. And they told me that is an absolute life saver for them.And like Far I also use shower head to spray clean any solid left over.

Welcome to CD world, also to you Osindak!

Deana E said...

wow celine, 37th weeks, you need to get it asap or may be ask sandra to send to you just in case'tidak sempat"..honestly, you will need at least 2 doz with the rainy days in kk now.i love all my cds..have order bg from sandra again..hehe

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