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Thursday, May 15, 2008

School Progress

Last week, lil C's preschool had invited the parents for the kids' assesment to check on the kids' progress. Lil C had done quite well for the PLE & Sensorial; but need to improve in his Maths & Language. I know there are parents who expect their kids to memorise the ABCs and 123s; but to us parents, what matters most for him at this age is that he is able to socialise with other children & teachers, and that has improved tremendously, tho the teacher made a remark that lil C is a bit quite in class.

Also, now I understood why lil C told me that he does colouring everyday.. Here are some of his school works for the past 4 months... Notice what's so common in all the work he did?

His teacher told me too, that lil C loves the singing session. He would bring the songs home and sang for me...

C: Mana kut jing, Mana kut jing, ti ta poo, ti ta poo
M: What song is that?
C: Mana kut jing, Mana kut jing, ti ta poo, ti ta poo, makan ikan doreng, makan ikan doreng...
M: Ahh.. I know that song, I did learn it in school too..
Mana kucing, Mana kucing, (Where's the cat)
Di dapur, di dapur (In the kitchen)
Makan ikan goreng, makan ikan goreng (Eating fried fish)
... (cant remember the lyrics.. anyone can help?)..

There was another incident where I heard he was singing:

C: Gara kusing, gara kusing, ....*mumbles*.. tumpah sing!
M: That sounds very familiar... Is it another kucing (cat) song?
C: No!!! It's Gara Kusing! Gara Kusing!
M: huh? What song is that? *cracking my head*
C: Tumpah sing!
M: The only song I know with the tumpah (spill) word is our national anthem, the NegaraKu song. (So I sang it to him..)
C: (happily) Yes MaMa, gara kusing! Teacher says have to stand up straight! Hands down..

Then I found out that the teachers had probably taught him to sing like:
Negaraku... Sing children!
Negaraku ... Sing!
(That's where lil C got the sing word..)
Well, that make sense! Just that lil C got so confused.. so did MaMa.. *sigh*


Montessorimum said...

all pink? Is that his favorite color? My boy only use blue. It's BLUE BLUE BLUE everywhere, his coloring skill is just like your boy, in fact Lil C's coloring is better than my boy. :)

Montessorimum said...

wait I post his works up in my blog after next week assessment day.

JPP Papa said...

how nice he can sing already. My boy is coming 4 yrs old this 26th May and still not yet school. planning this June though.

Gara Kusing... hahahahhaha. so funnylah... u shud take video on that. so cute... hahahaha.


mamabliss said...

wow i totally agree with you about not pushing the child to memorise the ABCs and 123s at this age... Lil C has a huge liking for pink huh... my Tim is in love with pink too hehehehe oops now I'm getting worried if the colour is too girly for him... ;P

E-Tavasi said...

Wow..pandai nya this child, but why most of the color is pink.. but i like the song, gara kusing gara kusing.. yeah

Joan D'Arcy said...

Montessorimum: yeah, he just loves pink! Cant wait to see WH's!

papajoneh: My son likes to pretend to be the teacher and I would be the school kid.. hahaha!!! Nanti ur son would do too! Cant imagine! Nanti if I can get a video of his gara kusing! hhehehe

Mamabliss: What made Tim loves pink? hehehe.. nowadays, even the man wear pinky clothes!

e-tavasi: Pink? I am not sure! I know he loved red when he was younger.. mangkali faded itu colour... trus suka pink pula! haahah!

Deana E said...

i also saw mostly pink la celine..hehe but i also see a creativity there

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