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Saturday, June 21, 2008

I am a MOooo

hehehe... a Moo-Moo mama.. With nursing tops, just do it anywhere with confidence!

This was taken during cuz Ian's birthday, celebrated at 1Borneo :) Baby C is definitely a contented calf! For moms who are FTWM, here some tips on breastfeeding. Salute Farah for sacrificing her sleeps , being able to do it!

A showcase of Baby C, at 2months old, he weighs 5.4kg. He loves to coo and smile back at us. Able to lift his head for a short seconds, loves when Mama read/sing to him and loves his brother's voice.

Cak!!! I am a little roo.. in Mama's pouch!

Hero Kampung in his little Camo!

Mooo MMoooo.. my little calf!

The little Wong Loong (except he is wearing Red instead of Yellow Dragon). Make your ancestor proud!

Tucked in babyseat, on the way balik kampung during Kaamatan

The Daya grandkids - Lil C with his cousin sisters : Michelle, Ivy & Dannielle

Baby C & Baby Ivy sound asleep.. Actually, comparing the two babies, baby Ivy 7months old weighing 8.9kg.

Will update more.. its very late now.. 4.30am Saturday. Both lil C & myself have dentist appointment at 9.30am.... Nitey!


Lynn said...

Wah, big already Baby C and chubby cute too. Have a nice weekend.

Fiona said...

Itu 3 amoi macam samaaaa saja muka durang kan .... Besar sudah si Cameron skrg woorr ...

Joan D'Arcy said...

Lynn, thanks... yeah, the babies memang cepat besar. I took it for granted that he still couldnt fit his big bro's old clothes... I was wrong there.. He is now wearing koko's baby clothes when koko was 4-5months old.

Fion, Hahaha! Bah, sama surname durang kan... :) Ur piggy so cute.. Nanti sya mau ambil gambar dia & me, coz kami ada sama gelaran :p

Deana E said...

1. yea..the grow so fast and like you i ask myhelper to do anything she can do so that i can spend time with sona. i only ask her to look after sona when i am busy with my cake or when i bath or cook haha

2. yea..will shop more nursing top- i also don't care bf in public

3. baby c is heavy..sona is only 6kg at 3 months-you are a super moo hehe

Elaine said...

Baby C's growing so well. :D

farrahar said...

eehhh thanks but dont get the wrong idea ya.. i only sacrifice my sleeps to nurse adam, not to pump. hehehe... my freezer is full already, cannot do extra pump. nanti tiada tempat mo simpan sudah :P. those are just some of the tips shared by Rita Momslittleones for those who wants to build up their EBM stocks or those who wants to increase their milk production :)

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