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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Baby C turned 3mo

Baby C turned 3 months last friday (4/6/2008).

At three months, he can :

  • recognises Mama's face, scent & voice
  • hold his head quite steady
  • visually tracks moving objects
  • squeal, gurgles & coos
  • turn towards loud sounds
  • can bring hands together, bats at toys
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Hellow! Smiles at you

He coos & gurgles

I am 6.5kg, and 61cm

Recognises faces, scent & voice

Jingle! Jingle! able to grab hold of things

Meanwhile, lil C is busy in the kitchen, as usual
"Hmmm... fresh Orange flavoured jelly"

At Tanjung Aru Beach, bonding with gramps

Just love the beach..


denna said...

he looks like his dad kan..christian looklike u

Joan D'Arcy said...

Everyone said the same too.. Tanak sina.. hehehe

Shemah said...

Hi Joan!

Wow.. baby C is such a happy baby!! Looks like senang jaga and not fussy at all! :) And sooo chubby.. pinch pinch (softly) his cheeks for me ya? :)

Lil C pulak looks like so big boy.. macam pandai saja dia mau buat tu jelly.. hehehe

Susan B said...

You have lovely children Celine! Well done. baby looks so cheerful just like mummy!

ArMs said...

After those pictures, I also want to have my own children!;P But a long way to go la heehe...
Cute owh your youngsters...

Joan D'Arcy said...

Thanks for dropping by.. So far, very senang jaga.. All he does is milk, sleep and a bit googoo-gaagaa :) Hahaha.. the big koko pula loves cooking! :) He didnt do the Jelly, but was helping his granny doing so.. kunun la..

Thanks, babies' smiles are really healing. U take care

hahaha!!! Bah.. good juga bah, u might be a loving dad.. TQ

allthingspurple said...

i like the pic of gramp holding Christian's hand walking along the beach, and cooing at little Cameron. Its pictures worth their memories to show your kids when they grow up. Love the names of both your kids. Not common over here.

Aunty J said...

soooo cute oh baby c....such a happy lil baby...hugs and kisses to both bb c and lil c :) See ya this sat at makcik bento's! ;p

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