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Saturday, July 19, 2008

Still into CDs

Baby C has almost outgrown his S-size CDs (actually, he has.. his backside is showing.. just that MaMa still keep stuffing him in it!) He has a few One-Size, and needed to get more.

All this time, Baby C has been loyal to pocket CDs with hoop & loop closure, especially brands like Drybees, Happy Heiny's & BumGenius. Now, MaMa is looking for alternatives. Bought a couple Blueberry Minky OS CDs with snaps at the side, and loving it. If possible, would like to use baby's butt as my soft pillow.. tee hee hee.. Mama also bought GADimal, just becoz its furry.. hahhaha! My friends just love rubbing his backsight.. poor baby!

Haiyaaaaaa!!! Side kick from Commando C

My chubby bunny looking at the camera, while koko pretended to ZZZzzz

This pose is for MaMa Bento @k@ Sandra..
MaMa's little furry bear

They are more coming! hehehe..

I havent tried any fitted yet, and looking an alternative for night diapering. I have been using Drybees Fleece, perfect for overnight and for a heavy wetter like Baby C. However, due to its breathable fleece, it allows the aroma of urine roaming around our bedroom; not a great scent to inhale when waking up early in the morning. .


HH - love the trim-cutting. The solid colours are last better than the print (cotton) ones.

GAD - I felt that the sizing was too tight/too loose for Baby C. It leaks whenever Baby's on it, stopped using on him after 2mo.

Drybees - Like it very much.. Wish they have more prints available :p

Bumkins - Love the prints, not the material

BumGenius 3.0 (No pix) - thumbs up! Just not enough colors

p/s I realised that I didnt take much pix of Baby C in his CDs. Most of the time, Baby C wears hand-me-down rompers... so, that covers his CDs


taty said...

soooooooooooo cemburu lagi jealousssssssssss looking at those cute pictures!! makcik, take some more picture of baby C on CD lah, share with us some more, bukan ke, sharing is caring :P I hope I can tambah my rakyat soon to enjoy my cd journey! :)

Joyce said...

yerrrr HH red dragon. eeeee I want...!!! Bluberry Minky I want!!!!! GADmals I WANT!!!!!!!! tidak bulih tidur lah sia ni malam.

Deana E said...

hahaha..i bought MPB yesterday after the workshop..my goodness, i told myself i will only buy cd for sona after i have done with my nursing tops shopping-may be i am done i have i think ..counting..12 ka..should be enough ha..so my cd buying started again..you need a baby girl la, you put baby c on a marron GADIMAL???..i need a boy as i always have a thing for blue colour but i bought sona 2 lovely colours la..will post soon..happy mom are we?

Aunty J said...

Eeeeee I wanted to get the Berry Gadimal yesterday after the workshop...but unfortunately (luckily hee...) no more L size :(

Joan D'Arcy said...

hahaha.. This post was written Saturday morning... Woke up very early bcoz excited for the afternoon workshop.. manatau terpaksa cancel. Even so, I didnt realised it was already 3pm, when Sandra smsed me.. I was attending some visitors.. :( My bad!

Bonnie said...

Haha..deana certainly cant wait to shop again..promises tak boleh dipercaya..just like me..getting cds again from bella posh..how can I missed it since d owner is at malaysia..(lame excuse..LOL)..and too bad dint get to meet u celine..may b next time..

Elaine said...

The red dragon is nice and baby is growing so well.

My CD frenzy is almost over now. :P

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