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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Baby C in August

Finally, baby C has rolled over to his tummy! yeay.. After 2 days of hard work, it all paid off. :)

20.08.2008 - Taken yesterday, trying his best to turn over..

21.08.2008 - taken today... He doesnt give up! Go, cameron, go!

17.08.2008 - We are ready to Tg Aru Beach.. yeay!

09.08.2008 - Baby C's wierd position..

08.08.2008 - Chocolaty stains in baby's vomit... Looked scarry as I didnt remember him taking any chocolate food. After consulting our paed, I found out that the coloured stain could be due to my cracked, sore boobies supplying bloody milk to baby... Iron supplement? just kidding.. Poor kid!

04.04.2008 - Tasted plain porridge for the first time at exactly 4months old, whilst koko C looked on.

Baby C's milestone (At 4months old, he weighed 7.5kg):
  • Love to smile and laugh
  • Love to stand on his feet (Can bear weight on legs)
  • Coos when we talk to him
  • Can graps toys, hair, even my nose!
  • Roll over from back to tummy
  • Had his solid
He is also eating less frequently as his stomach is bigger now.. and easily distracted during nenen time. [Read More]

1 comment:

HaRDieYNiE said...

hehehe, hi sis, i'm your 'silent reader', hehe, baby C just like my baby, just look at my blog http://adiniah.blogspot.com/2008/08/alany-yang-suka-tido-macam.html

are they are same?? hehhehe :)

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