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Saturday, August 09, 2008

How much do you trust factory food?

Jut wondering.. I remember few years back, there's this milk candy (a white rabbit brand) with the edible white-paper, was also recalled by the manufacturer (issit still banned?), scarry huh? . And now this...


Lead-tainted candy recalled by Johor firm

UNSAFE FOR EATING: A batch of Ego Hao Jin Bang candy was found to contain too much lead. -- PHOTOS: AVA

KUALA LUMPUR - A MALAYSIAN confectionery maker said yesterday it has recalled a brand of candy from global markets after California's health authorities found it contained too much lead.

Ms Lina Gan, a manager at Kee Wee Hup Kee Food Manufacture in Johor, said the company stopped producing the Ego Hao Jin Bang candy a few months ago because of poor sales.

The company immediately took steps to recall the remaining candies in domestic and global markets after it was notified about the unsafe lead levels on Monday by the Californian authorities.

'We have already recalled the product and we don't produce it any more,' Ms Gan said.

She said the batch of Ego candies may have been contaminated during production, and an investigation was under way.

According to its website, Kee Wee Hup Kee produces a wide range of products, including biscuits, dried food, preserved fruits and noodles, that are exported to markets in the United States, Europe and Asia.

California's Department of Public Health issued a warning on Tuesday after a recent analysis found the Ego Hao Jin Bang candy contained up to 0.73 parts per million of lead.

The state considers candy with lead levels of more than 0.1 parts per million to be contaminated.

Lead can be particularly harmful for young children and developing foetuses, and could result in learning disabilities and behavioural disorders.



Sandra@miabambina said...

hey so that give us another reason to bento-ing! I mean by preparing meal instead of buying and consume more fast food and ready food will reduce the risk. Specially for young kids.
At least we know what we are cooking/making.

i dont make elaborate decoration for bentoing, save time and be practical. But whether this is a new trend or new hobbie or new way of spending money ( depends on how people see it) I think it is a good way. I mean , we as mom already super BZ and yet still find our time to make and prepare bento. I am not a keen bento-er yet, sometims just pack left over thing hehehe.... but for those who are dedicated so much for pack lunch for their kids. really SALUTE...

Joan D'Arcy said...

Hi Sandra,
that's true.. Of course it is easier to buy things off the shelve and feed the kids, than spending time in the kitchen.. I always try not to feed the kids with junk food.. and do feel guilty about it when I did..

So, let's start BENTOing!!! :) (I am also prepare the lil one's bento very simple... Salute to those mom who put passion in it!)

taty said...

makcik² bento!! keep up your good work! you all inspire me... As Sandra said, depends on individual perceptions, but i think BENTOing is a good way to let them eat clean and healthy food in attractive way! I am not into bento yet but I am willing to do it next year (irfan will b back to school next year..:)) I tak pandai masak tapi I try to cook as much as I can for my family..

When I was little, my mom will cook and pack our b'fast and lunch everyday!! I really salute for what she did while raising 12 of us!! iya.. 12! :)

allthingspurple said...

yay for bento !

true, nowadays,the food quality is made aware, and we are now aware that the food we are eating are actually more preservatives than nutrient.

if you know component of formula milk, you be horified too. The amount of sugar used to cover the bitter aftertaste of the processed formula milk.

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