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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Lesson learnt

I saw this at kennysia.com, reminded me of the time when I was picked pocket.. Scarry! You can say what you want when you heard it happened somewhere to someone; but when it happened to you, you get the shivers. Thank God the a**hole only took my purse..

They will do it anywhere!

They work in the group to distract the prey.. (Cilakak!) [This isnt from Kennysia.com; happened to browse youtube.com]


1 comment:

bZbee said...

hey...i have several times foiled a scene like this....and was shown an 8 inch blade for interfering the pti's...and this doesn't dampened my past experience to do it again and i even chased a china man for stealing my DOM PERIGNON an dgot it back.....in fact...i just did it again in WM..i tell you..the sales girls were totally unaware of what was happening in their boutique...

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