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Friday, August 01, 2008

A sicky month

July has been a sicky month for us... I was sick for the whole week during my birthday (cough, cold, root canal tooth infected, sore boobies, back ache, fatigue). Then when I was getting better, lil C had HFMD... a mild one compared to the 1st time he got it last year... sigh! It had been 7 days now since lil C got it and we still worried if Baby C might get it. So far, no trace of HFMD on Baby C.... Keep our fingers cross.

I am so tired with all the sleepless nights, body aches... and now, I am having sore mouth, throat, a couple of bumpy blisters on fingers and sole ... could it be HFMD on adults too? hmmph...

Doing the number Rods

I took lil C out from his school last week, when the school informed us that there were 3 kids got HFMD... But I guess it was too late, few days later lil C got it too!

This is what we did while he is not in his preschool ~ pink tower
We also did a lot more, but the picture-taking distracted Lil C's concentration..

Baby C was confined in his Kungkung's room for the past 7 days now.. Exercising his neck muscle... errgggh!

He keeps sticking his tongue out, we were worried that HFMD blisters in his mouth.. checked, was all clear... sighing with relieved!

Poor baby confined in a hot room (Kungkung's room faced the afternoon/evening sun)... he developed heat rash ~we thought it was HFMD at first.. Rushed to the Doctor, and confirmed it wasnt.. pheww!

I want to soak myself in a long tub now....


karulann said...

Wah so kesian... Some more got to take care of the little ones.. Gosh, so cute c lil c... Gatal suda tangan mau picit-picit tu pipi... Hope you get well quick...

Jewelle said...

That's the problem when kids start to go to school right? Hope Lil C and Lil C's mama will get well soon :-)

Fiona said...

Kasiannya .. the kids & the mama sakit. After 3 kids kena HFMD oso not kena close ka the school? Hari tu si isaac's doc cakap klu ada HFMD misti tu Health Inspector suruh tutup skul for 1 week & clean up ..hehe

allthingspurple said...

you are such a good mum !!

and somemore you did constructive activities like the number rod and pink tower with them while you are not feeling well.

hope u and baby C get better soon.

Joan D'Arcy said...

Thanks.. ya, when the kids sick, the mama oso can get sick.. hahaha!! Low immunity *teringat cerita Survival.. for the immunity*

Thanks. Yes, germs spread faster at that place... scarry kan! Did u attend the SBG last weekend?

The Health Inspector did come and visited the school, but they didnt advise to close the school.. *shrugs* ada 16 kids infected as per last week (naik my bulu roma)... Most of the kena the mild Coxacie A16 virus.. nasib!

The kids needed to do something to stay occupied when they are at home, else will be very havoc! hahaha! At least they are into something... so wont irritate cranky mama! hahaha! Thanks for being totful!

Deana E said...

so pity you..must be so tired! thank God baby C tidak kena..his immune system is good ba.have a good rest may be go for a short break !

Aunty J said...

ohhh poor mummy and kids...hope everyone gets well soon..u take care ahhh...

Joan D'Arcy said...

ya, nasib bb tidak kena.. Goodness of breatsmilk ;)

Aunty J,
We (more like me) are getting better.. Got good rest these past few nights. Thanks

Anonymous said...

hey celine! baru i terbaca ur entry on HFMD. you know, before i left for penang, isaiah had HFMD too! we went to a birhday party and i'm guessing thats where he got it from. i just wanted to reply to u wondering wondering whether it was adult HFMD: our paediatrician did tell me that we can get it too, u know thru saliva. so, yeah, maybe you got it too when he got it? glad to know he's ok now. :)


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