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Monday, September 08, 2008

I am so brain-dead

I think I am having fatigue syndrome.. hehehe.. So tired + exhausted over these past 2 weeks. We were occupied with holidays, travelling, birthday & wedding celebrations, sick kids.. bla..bla..bla.. 2 weeks passed very fast! Sigh!

"Salapa" the Tatana, Kuala Penyu style welcoming guests during my cousin's wedding. Its a box filled with daun sirih, pinang , kapur and kirai.

Baby C with TaiQ (my eldest bro).

Sitting on the floor, kampung style.
Baby C was so tired that he slept soundly despite the gong beatings & the singings.

Baby Ivy (my younger bro's dd) slept too on my mum's lap.

I am just so tired.. (You must be wonderfing why am I up at 4am).. yet I just cant sleep.. I did actually, from 7pm-12am, accompanying baby C in our bed. He has blocked nose, cold & cough, poor baby.. He sleeps better when I am around. So, I am so awake now, doing my blog-hop.


nor-mommy2H said...

Hi Celine..
Hope your baby are fine by now...we are having bad weather here, one day with raining and storm but really HOT sunny the next day!I'm getting headache because of this.
I know you've that 'but that have to wait' but i really can't wait to see your HS Montessori..hehe

Fiona said...

Len, besar sudah si Cameron woor kan, si Ivy punya rambut ikut Daya's kali kan ..tebal wahh ... hehe aiyahh u punya salapa macam modern sudah tu ..kekeke

ArMs said...

wa 7 to 12am ja? dats 5 hours only. Hard owh kan being a parent... especially a mommy. My aunt now pun tda cukup tidur suda... baru dapat baby girl kan;)

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