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Thursday, October 02, 2008

Nursing / Baby Changing room

Kewl place in KLCC. Why cant the developers of the huge malls in KK provide this facility? Social responsibility??! Check out Montessorimum's posts.

p.s If any of you readers know if there's one in KK, pls tell me. I wanna check it out! :)


Sandra@miabambina said...

That is so COOL. I wouldn't dare to dream to have it in KK. Not even half of that. I just wish there are a decent changing room that we can use.
I think here in KK, the idea of having moms with babies as customers are ZERO.
We doesn't exist. They just focus on young executive , white collars , carrier people.

Look at Warisan Square, the most mom unfriendly place. You can go up with the escalator but to go down?
We must go the the other part of the building to go down.
hmm what was the developer thinking?

My last hope is the Suria KK.
I hope they will be smarter.

Women are a great spender. But a mom?
double it! We spend for our kids and family not just for our self.
So there you go, bussines people!
do the math!
make us shop more ( and be conformable too!

bZbee said...

wow..it 'll be a miracle to have a wonderful changing room in KK malls....yes...agree with Sandra..the most family/mom unfriendly place in KK ....so weird...i even complained abouth the escalator btu nothing's being done....gila kah dorang tu???...i heard the owner of 1 borneo/Warisan Square is a young man....God bless him....with lots of kids

Anonymous said...

wawasan plaza toilet,1st floor

ArMs said...

I think we will never have that kind of thing here... Maybe in a couple of years, itupun kalo bernasib baik... haaha!

Terpaksa la change diaper in car ja keekekee!

Nicholian Justine said...

hahaha.. well here in Kl not just the baby changing room are like this... even the Washroom - Gent/Ladies...

but u have to pay like RM2.00 or RM1.00..it ok with me.. check out Sunway Pyramid.. cool la celine.. FOC

Aunty J said...

In KK so far I only came across the diaper changing room on 1st floor inside the toilet in Wawasan Plaza...I've used the nappy change room in KKIA but it is sooo pathetic! Imagine the changing pad is too small for my Ethan...wats more for caucasian babies! And they called it an international airport...duhhhhh....it is just too narrow...I wonder who design the changing room at the airport?? Lousy is wat I would describe it :(

Baby Changing Stations said...

Its great to find such baby changing facilities in washrooms as it is very rare to find one provided at every local place.

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