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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

5 years

Cant believe it has been 5 years since both of us exchanged our vows to live with each other for the rest of our life (hope so). .

This celebration, we decided to take a 2D1N break to a local getaway place. Well, I think lil C enjoyed it the most : the swim, the animals, the atmosphere and Baby C enjoyed just being in the room.

Shhhh! Soldiers, on the enemy's shore...


2 boys together

Soaking with papa

Brotherly love

Our lil helper returning the towels - loves to help himself

Dinner with Pongo!

Posing next to the room's hot-item - bath tub.. 
(sorry, no explicit pix - lol)

Morning sun at the room's balcony

Not to miss! He just cant resist the water hydrant!
I am the fire-fighter!

I am the monkey! uuu-aaa! uuu- aaaa!


Brroooommm! He loves the mini mega machines too!

More swimming!!!

Well, I look forward to our 25th Anniversary! tee hee.. :)


Leeyen said...

I love the bath tub! The hotel room looks great! Anyway, happy belated Anniversary to both of you :)

MamaTatana said...

Celine...Happy 5th Anniversary!. I hope many many more to come....the kids are absolutely cute especially your baby, minta dicubit dia tu tau hehe....

The place looks great for a holiday. Where is that pleaseee???

Take care.

allthingspurple said...

love the balcony !!! and the word "Cak !!".. such a charming little word. We don't use these words anymore nowadays and this brings back memories.

Anonymous said...

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