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Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Grilling bear..?

Hehehe.. I was first introduced to Bear while I was watching Oprah Winfrey sometime late last year.. yeah, he caught my attention and now I try to watch every episodeof his show, Man Vs Wild, every Monday 9pm at Discovery Channel. 

Apart from his sexy abs (he was filmed naked in one of his episode in the Artic for water survival ~*kof kof* u gotta see why? *drool* - not), I think its a very educational show about survival when you have nothing in your hands.. .. yeah, its just me, loving every single facts!

Let me introduced Bear Grylls, a born survivor. IMO, I think he is a good model for growing up kids. :)

Yeah, I know.. I have no time to write! hehehe..  Okay, I dont mind receiving his latest book for Christmas... hahaha *hint hint* to u-know-who. Ehem ehem.. (Its not to late, normally ordering from the UK could take around 6weeks..)

Meanwhile, as usual, sharing pix of the kids.

He just turned 7months, love being in his mama's pouch.

Bear hug! Loving the laughter of my cheeky boys!

At this age, he loves:
  • peekaboo games
  • to bang to toys together and make 'music' with koko
  • to sit by himself, learning to crawl
  • his instant cereal food, more than mama's porridge
  • to hold his baby bites and feed himself
  • to drink water from the cup (no sippy cup)
  • lurves his big brother & kungkung - he show raising hand gesture to request kungkung to carry him


Leeyen said...

hey, suddenly...the baby has grown up this big, or maybe i missed something here :) he looks bigger compared to the last post you showed his picture!

Joan D'Arcy said...

hmm.. maybe its his shirt.. Long slevees makes him look more mature! and the previous post baju is too tight-fitting! haha

Leeyen said...

ya ya ya, it's because of the shirt! I only realised when i looked back at his old photos. Ha! he's so lovely in long sleeve!

Mama Bliss said...

hey that's a nice 3-way hug... :)

Evelyn LG said...

Such a charming look.. love it!

allthingspurple said...

hey there, u good looking mama !

Bear's a good show? I got to catch that too. I am thinking that I should be steering Kimberly to more educational stuff now that she is 8

Deana E said...

lucky him got koko to play with and mama at home...cian my sona play with maid during the day..

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