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Wednesday, November 12, 2008

No, I dont sell things, I dont even have an e-store

One day, I received few emails from friends to congratulate me with my newly opened biz.. I was shocked until I found my other email received a spam mail from my yahoo account! 

Blardy spammers!

I hate spammers! They hacked into my Yahoo! mail and sent spams to everyone in my address book list! grrrrrrrrr!!!

To those who received it, I am truly sorry! I finally managed to tracke it (its in my Vacation Response!) and hopefully it doesnt return.



Deana E said...

ha ha ha..but there is one lady by the name of celine who has an e-store in kk..at first i thought you..diam diam buka e store..hehe

bZbee said...

so sad to hear your cerita nie..beter invest in antivirus e.g norton....my online banking always gets hacked but norton blocked it....imagine!! paypal also almost kena hakced..

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