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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Baby C at 15mo

Time flies very fast.. Baby C has turned 15 months old early this month :)

According to Montessori, at 15mo, the early mission of hand and brain development is complete; now the intellect - guided by information supplied by the hand, is developing and the hand is now an effective tool.
He walks and runs with good balance, able to climb up and down the stairs (or chairs/sofas) without our assistance.

He says "dom" when he gets down and "Up" when he is climbing on something..
Currently, that works as an alert as I know what is he up to..

Climbing on to his favourite sofa.

His brain is ready - able to communicate with us using his body language. Nodding head means he agrees and shaking his head means he disagrees. He also understands instructions (both in English and Hakka) and able to let us know what he desires. For example, he is able to give us instruction on where he wants to go, which side of the table he wants to place his plate/cup and let us know if he wants milk (by touching his chest and says "nenen") or to drink water (by dragging us to the kitchen and point at the water tank or doing self-made drinking sign) or to get something in the fridge. He is able to say few words like Mama, Papa, TaTa (koko), Tungtung (Kungkung), ook (book). He loves books, and able to choose which books he wants me to read for him during bedtime.

He picked this book from under the coffee table. This is one of his favourite.

You dont want to know what is he doing here! LOL! A new position while 'milking'.

His motor skills like spooning and pouring are developing well. He is able to feed himself (but with lots of mess) and pour water from one cup into another one. His pincer grip is working well, like picking up little items such as food / minute objects from the floor. He also uses the pincer grip muscle to point to items/places he wants us to bring him to.

One of his favourite toys : Cooking!

Another current favourite! He loves sorting shapes and stacking too! In the pix, he is 'feeling' the dimension of a rectangle, only then he puts it in through the hole (tho not necessary will get it right - most of the time its "fluke shot").

Pinching his food

Gulp! Gulp! to quench his thirst

Follows whatever big Koko does.

He loves music. Not only he dances when listening to one, but he hums and sometimes mumbles sings to familiar tunes. He will also clap and pat/tap to musical beats.

He looks highly on his koko

Cheering for Koko while koko does the shuffle! hahaha

The B-Boys doing the downrock!

He has his sense of orders. He is aware of his daily routine like going outdoors when it is almost 4pm (Hey, kids do have some sense in time by looking outside the house.. lol), the things need to do during bath etc. Recently he is addicted to shoes, putting them on in the house and will insists that we put on ours too. With that, he will bring our shoes/sandals (and he knows very well which ones belonged to who) to us.

He putting on his slipper

Learning about himself.. and his shadow

At the moment, he is at the stage of potty learning. I know, it seemed too early for him, probably he sees his brother uses the toilet and he follows him in there.. (yeah, sounds disgusting, but he enjoys the experience.. hahaha). So, normally when both of us are in good mood (I do get energy low sometimes), I will put him in undies with cotton pants. Should there be any accident, the layers will absorb most of the urine. Recently, I bought some Monril training pants from Bonnie.. and it holds one-time pee which is fine with me. (I am at the extreme case of potty training kids... ahhaah.. let them pee on their pants, let them feel the wetness sensation and they will inform me that they need to change..)

Caught red-handed! ahahahahah!!!

He has a habit of taking off his diapers.. I am not in favour of diapers with velcro because he was able to unstrap himself since he was 10mo. And now, even with buttons he can remove his diapers. He is showing more interest to be potty trained.

p/s currently he is in his sensitive period of movement, language, sensory refinement, small objects and orders.


Bonnie said...

Celine, I liike this post. You jot down baby C's achievement very well. Wawa likes cooking set too, but do you know where to get the wooden one like yours instead the plastic one?

And haha, the new position for nursing is funny la..how baby C nenen like that? hehehe

Baby C is able to take off snaps CD already? Seems like he is ready to TT already... =)

Evelyn LG said...

:D Baby C is so cute, my little girl is 16 mths+ now.. she also got the habit of un-snapping the CD especially the velcro type.. so whenever I put on the velcro type CD, I'll make sure she wear a shorts too ^_^..

Joan D'Arcy said...

heheheh.. This is an old post, which has been in the draft folder for few days already.. hhehehe...
You can get the cooking set in Kids Avenue or Toys' R ' Us. That nursing is still bearable... sometimes he insisted to stand up (and I hafta bend down) while he nurse.. sigh!! TT: I will miss the CDs...

That's a good idea to put on shorts.. maybe I should try. Thanks

jasica said...

hi, age difference with my baby boy is about 2months only oh... Want to ask, have you started giving him honey?

Joan D'Arcy said...

Hi Jasica,
errrmm... actually I kinda give him a lot of things.. *bad mom* I do spread butter & honey on his bread. He also takes mild chicken/fish curry and loving it... tsk tsk tsk... How big is your boy?

Jasica said...

he is about 1 year 3 weeks old. Last time when he was about 6months old, I gave him the nestum that contained wheat and honey. Less than half an hour later, his whole body turned red with big spots. that's why bit precautious now to introduce him the pure honey...btw, i used to be asthmatic too. I might have passed this gene of mine to him:)

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