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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Cuti-cuti Sabah: Manukan Island

To Manukan... another boat ride for the kids, by now they are so use it already!

Hello you!

Not so-clear blue sea

"Life as a kite"

At the jetty, looking at a Merman! NOT!

Just Felyx koko

A giant octopus!


Clean our beach!

Very dissapointing - the beach was disgustingly dirty! It was so disturbing to see plastics drifted to the shore and the workers whom were responsible to clean the beach didnt even bother to pick the rubbish out from the water!! Thanks to our Miss Environment, took the liberty to take the rubbish out from the water.. Thanks Rikki!

Ditto baby too! But he chose seaweed instead.. haha

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