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Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Occupation: HOMEMAKER..??

Quoted by a friend,

To choose to be a fulltime mom: I am sure, it is probably like a step down or sacrifice to some women, especially if you know you have a good professional skills that have a great potiential of making good income. The need to proof yourself that you have something more to offer beside being a mother and household manager is probably going to be there always.
At the moment, I am 7 months pregnant with my 1st child. I decided to quit my job when I got married last year tho' its a hard decision to make in the beginning. Writing down in the Occupation field of any form as a HOMEMAKER made me feel degraded as it never came across my mind that I would stay at home and take care of my future kids. I thought that being a homemaker basically makes me feel useless... doing the washing, memasak, cleaning the house and other daily chores, nothing more than an amah's jobscope.

I used to be a die-hard workoholic before, it's as bad as during holidays, i would still go to the office and continued my work as if I was born to work.. hahaha! Never ever did it crossed my mind to quit my career but I chose such path, or like you say paused my career path when I learned that there are more hidden values which I failed to see when my mind was clogged with my previous work. The thought of being able to spend time with my hubby & esp the kids, seeing them growing up and be there for them esp during their development years at all times is more than anyone can asked for! Thanks to hubby that he supports this idea, in fact he was the one who encourage me to focus more on the family's well-being. Interesting enuff and I am lucky for this option!

At the moment, I have learn a lot what a 'good' wife should be doing.. hahaha!! Belajar masak (I never interested to cook in my younger days .. hehehe) and doing the housechores are just one of the thing that I love to do. Taking care the business at home is better than taking care of my boss'.. hahaha! Maybe in future when my children are bigger, then I may consider to continue my career..

Thanks Vayy for sharing and I am with you! I am not against with any working mother too, as I believe that this is a personal choice made at the right point of time in life.

my views extracted from Sabahan Abroad

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