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Sunday, February 20, 2005

38th Month. . . 2 weeks to go!

Today I am in my 38th week of being pregnant. Funny that I kinda miss my 'day of the month' thingy, tho being pregnant do make me emotionally sensitive still.. hehehe.. Doc sez it can be anytime now, but my EDD is on the 6th March, so maybe it'll be inconjuction wif Bitta's bday.. hahaha... I just cant wait to go through it coz it is making me very anxious... Every Brixton Hicks contractions will make me breathless for a while to think, "is this it?" then when its not, I can start breathing normal again..

I do agree that being pregnant has made me appreciate my mom more (maybe its the hormone thingy again).. Just cant wait for the real challenge!!

Have a great day, all! =) & thumbs up to all the moms!


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