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Wednesday, February 23, 2005

It's a BOY!!!

I am a mommy... at last! after a long wait of 38th weeks carrying him in the tummy.. He's out , safe and sound! Thank God!

He is such a cutie! A boy named Christian Marc Vun Wu Xian, out at 4.55pm, 22nd Feb 2005.. weighing only 2.55kg and length 49cm, head circumference 32cm. Just look at the hands (belonged to one of the nurse, Rosemary) as compared to his tiny body!

Shhhhh! He's asleep.. This is a cute pix, but I decided to crop the right bit of this pix.. He's too sexy for it.. hahaha! He's still at the Sabah Medical Centre, had his morning bath...hmm... comfy!

Funny that most babies look as if they have swollen faces when they were just born. Lil C's eyes looked as if he has being crying for ages, poor baby! And his "bart simpson's" upper lips, sure look very pointy! He's ready to go home now!


Love that smile, love that dimple!

"Rub-a-Dub-Dub, a baby in a tub..."

First bath at home..
by PohPoh (grandma Sue)

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