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Thursday, April 14, 2005

Balik Kampung

As Papa went outstation (Miri, Sarawak), Lil C & MaMa decided to go back to Mama's hometown for 2 weeks. Hehehe.. seemed like it's Mama's plain own idea. By then, lil C is around 6weeks old.

Here's his (& associates) picture.

"Waaaaaaaa... Please, someone, pick me up, please!!! I need comfort!"

JiaPoh's to the rescue.. "There..there.., there..there.. Shush.. dont cry"
Lil C loves to be carried in this position. Funny too that he will easily be soothed when we sing him, "Twinkle, twinkle lil' star, How I wonder what you are.."

Look at Me, I am in stripy red baseball gear, matching romper & socks.

Lil C loves shaking his feet & hands.. I guess in this picture it shows. He wont stay still..
Mama on the other hand, still has her baby fat, tho' 10kg has gone by now.. hee hee hee

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