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Sunday, April 17, 2005

Visit JiaPoh Tai

Today, after Mass, we went to visit JiaPoh Tai at the Holy Family Residence home in Papar. Dont ask me why was she sent there.. its a long story!

Anyways, we thought that it'll be wonderful to meet up and introduce lil C to JiaPoh Tai (She's my MIL's mom).

On the way to Papar.. Lil C enjoyed the ride!

With the grandparents & greatgrandmom

Hi JiaPoh Tai, I'm the new one in da family! Its nice to meet you!
lovely innocent smile at JiaPoh Tai

It's always very emotional whenever we go and visit JiaPoh Tai. She, being in her late 80's, cant remember who we are. She'd ask us again and again, who are you? and keep mixing up stories that sometimes we suspected her of making up stories, unintentionally. But for some reason, when she knew who I am, she'll start speaking to me in Malay, meaning that she, somehow, has that part of memory of me... =)

Parting time is always difficult for her. Sometimes she'd try to keep talking to us, not wanting us to go home and leave her alone. She'd start crying and start talking about the olden times...

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