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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

JiaGong & JiaPoh's visit to Miri

JiaGong & JiaPoh (my parents) came and visited us here in Miri, arrived yesterday around 4pm. They brought few kinds of food/dishes from KK. A packet of Charsau (BBQ pork) & Chunkien (pork egg rolls).. yummy, my favourites!! Invited cousin Jo-Enn to dinner. (She's my dad's youngest bro's eldest daughter.. hehehe.. confused?) At the moment, Jo-Enn is studying at Curtin Uni, Malaysia branch which somehow is located in Miri. Graduating in B.Accounting by this Sept.

Brought them to visit the Petroleum Science Museum at Canada Hill. The museum is not ready for public, we walked around and visited the Grand Old Lady. Took some pix.

Beautiful sunset, overlooking Miri town

Us, the 3 bunch, in front of the Science Museum

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