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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

To Brunei the 2nd time around

We brought JiaGong & JiaPoh visit Brunei. Well, 5 of us left in the morning, made a pleasant drive through Seria and arrived Bandar around lunch time. Didnt do much there (again), just drove around the city, being a tour guide to them.. hehehe..

This time we decided to be earlier at Jerudong Park, to pay a visit to the Most-Talked-About amusement park. Arrived there late afternoon, its a pity looking at the whole park. Most of the games were no longer functioning, if not, looked rusty and old. Even that, the mgt still charged for entry & rides. Not sure what ever happened to this once Fun Park, for a fact, it is soooo huge that we didnt get the time to make a whole scouting around this park... Anyways, looked at the bright side, we had a good walk before leaving for Miri.

Say cheese! Behind us looked like a gigantic diamond ring..

JiaGong & the friendly dinosaur!

Went up on the ride behind us (cant remember its name),
gave us an overall view of how massive this park is.
Anyways, it was getting dark and we decided to drive home.

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