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Friday, May 06, 2005

Miri Visit

We arrived at Miri Airport on the 29th April around 3pm. PaPa picked us up from the airport before sent us back to his apartment at Lutong, i.e. from one end of Miri to the other! This was a quick decisionto travel to Miri. We only decided to fly to Miri a week ago! Did lil C's passport just in case we headed for Brunei.

Lil C was cute during the flight. I breastfed him before the plane took off, so he was calm. Thank God! I was terrified in case he started screaming (due to the air pressure). So, by sucking milk, he was cool! hehehe.. He slept till we landed, like a 45mins plan ride! tee hee hee..

Here's some pix of lil C took bath this morning. The funniest bit was when my MIL made him on a standing position, and he seemed as is he was walking, making his tiny steps forward! I will try to download the movie I took.

Meanwhile, enjoy!

this lil tub was given by Aunt Lina, good for travelling purposes!
Lil C looked very comfy in it!

1,2 step forward


hmmm.... wat takes so long to dress me?

Neat huh?

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