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Sunday, May 08, 2005

Visit Brunei

We went to Brunei this morning. I have never stepped into Brunei's land before, so this was my first. Left quite late in the morning as PaPa had to go back to the Golf Club. Yep, as usual, he is a workaholic, even on Sundays!! Around 2pm, we arrived Brunei city. Took us 2 hr drive to Bandar Seri Begawan, we didnt have time to waste so we took-away 3 sets of McDonalds to fill our tummy for the journey! Lil C was sleeping all the way, thank God!! hehehe...

hmm...Expectation, well, I thought the city is comparable to KL since it's one of the richest country in da world. Well, I guessed my expectation was too high. It's a pleasant city tho. Didnt do much, as there's not much things to do/go. Went window shopping (of course, its kinda expensive RM2.25 = BD$1), not sure what's the name of the place, but looked pretty cool place. It's close to the mosque in the middle of the city, and underground mall. Went to Gadong too. I guessed there were few better selection of things as compared to KK. Bought a baby carrier for lil C, so that his weight wont strain our biceps/triceps... which already did!!

This pix taken by PaPa. Looks magnificient, isnt it?
The underground mall is somewhere there.

We were at Gadong Mall, looking for late lunch.
Lil C was being 'pouched' by PoPo,
happily with his new toy, Patrick, the hanky dog!

Left for Miri around 7pm, hoping to be able to visit Jerudong Park. Unfortunately, it was raining and Lil C was sound asleep in the car.. Arrived Miri around 10pm, just in time before the Miri-Brunei immigration office closed. Phew!!

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