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Saturday, May 28, 2005

A Walk In A Park

Miri has few clean, beautiful parks. Brought lil C to a few parks today, named Public, Garden Park.. and others which I cant really remember.. hehehe.. (and I am only 1/3 of a century old..)

We buckled lil C in his stroller and walked around the parks... He loves outdoor, esp when back home, GongGong usually bring him out of the house around 4pm. So, it became some sort of his routine that around 4pm, he will be cranky if he is not out of the house!! hehehe..

hehehe... hi there
I am a happy baby!

hmmm.. hello, anyone.. push me around please..??

The trios, look at lil C's lips.. hehehe
He loves doing that!

PohPoh carrying lil joey, shopping for dinner!
Look how comfy he is in da pouch!

hmmm.. brinjal or petola for dinner???

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