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Friday, November 18, 2005

Happy 2nd Wedding Anniversary

Cant believed it had been 2 years passed since our wedding ceremony in 2003. It felt like it was just yesterday! Hehehe.. We celebrated, all right, and this year is with our lil darling C!

We made our list:
- candle light
- german cuisine
- italian
- japanese
- Thai

Last year, it was Steak Dinner at Road House Grill, Lintas. And now, of course the candle light dinner was off, since lil C is joining.. We needed an ambience that could entertain, or at least to cheer up Lil C.

Lastly, we decided FAST FOOD!!! hahahaha.. a total 360 turnover! So there we were, the trisome, at this lovely japanese fast food at Centre Point, where the choo choo train that carries the prepared foods to the customers is there to amused lil C. Enjoyed our dinner, with the company of our darling. Whenever the train passed us, we would say "Train choo choo". He would look at the train passed by and gave that adorable smile, replied, "BaBaBaBaBa..".

Here's some photos of us during our wedding, just for rememberance. 2 years has passed..

That's us, the happy newly wedded couple, 2 years ago..

Those two are my lovely nieces, whom are 2 years older by now.. hehe

On the way to our car/church from our hotel room, almost a nervous wreck!

That's me, had just arrived in front of Sacred Heart Cathedral, Kota Kinabalu

Walked down the aisle, with my parents

And now I pronounce you, Man & Wife. You may kiss the bride!

One for the record! Smile!

Phew!! I did it!!

Glowing faces..

At our wedding reception, had a great local life band, RIMBA to entertain our guests.

Pictures credit to Wilson Tsoi, my bro-in-lo

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