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Sunday, November 20, 2005

First Hair Cut

Lil C hadda new hair cut, the first, to be exact! We had just decided to do so this morning. After Sunday Mass, had breakfast at Foh Sang, we happened to pass PaPa's hairdresser and noted that there were not many customers today. So, we (MaMa & PoPo) went in and that's when the 'snipping' stuffs were done!

Lil C was cool about it. PoPo carrried him and the lady hairdresser did about 5 snips, and charged us RM$5.00!! Geez.. MaMa could have done it herself... ANyways, here's his happy poses after the haircut! Cheers everyone!

Just to show how long was his fringe before the haircut

Huh, what's MaMa's doing?

Hey, its cool! hehehe!!!

Hahaha!! Hhihi!! Can you see my 4 front teeth?

That's my Happy kiddo!! Over & Out!

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