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Saturday, December 03, 2005

Oral Care

Lil C has 4 teeth + 2 is half way out. He has been cranky lately, not sure if the his teeth is making him uncomfy.

Last night, we went to visit a new shop that sells baby educational materials at Karamunsing. There are lotsa interesting toys available, those which I have seen in the Mothercare brochure once. After browsing and testing most of the toys for almost an hour, I didnt buy anything for lil C. Then this Oral Care product from The First Years caught my sight.

I remembered few weeks ago, during my bro's engagement in Sipitang, lil C was having bad breath.. and I really mean BAD BREATH just like adult's. I was paniky as he has never encountered this before. I thought then, maybe because of the long travel and maybe he didnt drink much water that day. Or maybe because I gave him the instant cereal + applesauce + banana from Gerber during lunch. Whatever that was, I was horrified! Poor lil C hadda bad breath that day!

I took a read on the cover of the product, it consists of a fingertip toothbruch and a cleanser (which is like a toothpaste but fluoride-free) to be used for infants 4mo and above. Based on my horried experience of tooth decay when I was a kid, I believed in early Oral Care. So, I took it and brought it home for RM21.90.

Lil C was always trained to 'brush' his teeth everytime during his bath session. I normally get a wet hanky and start wipe his teeth, gums and tongue. Well, started the new toothpaste on him this morning. At first, he was very curious with the new texture + taste. In a second, he kinda accepted it and loved it.

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