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Saturday, December 10, 2005

A Trip to KL & Seremban

We went to Seremban to attend a close friend's wedding, Karen & her beau, Chad Lian. Karen did ask me if we wanted to attend either Johor (hers) or N9 (his) reception.. guess we chose Seremban coz we could go and do Xmas shopping in KL after the reception.. hehehe..

Our flight from BKI to KL was smooth. Took the morning flight 10.30am. Lil C slept the moment the plane departed from KK airport as he didnt have any sleep that morning. Hehehe.. good for him, and us too! Just before we arrived at KLIA, lil C got up and we managed to snap some pix in the plane.. hehehehe..

binky is still intact

Arrived around 1pm and it was time for the lil one's lunch. Fed him first with bottled Gerber Rice Cereal with applesauce & banana, before we leave again for Seremban. He just loved the new environment, and excited just about EVERYTHING!

cheekyLook how cheeky he is. At this time he has 5 teeth out.

Looking everywhere, refused to sit still

Making his 'monkey' face

Nibbling his snack, as he wanted to feed himself too!

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