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Saturday, December 10, 2005

In Seremban

Arrived Seremban at around 3pm. Stayed at Royal Adelphi Hotel, previously was Hilton. Unfortunately, service & room condition were not up to satisfactory. But that didnt hinder lil C from enjoying himself... esp in da room.

Making himself comfy at the sofa

Hey, Patrick... ummmmahh!!!

Here I am, at 3.30 in da afternoon
standing beside you..

wooow.. balance.. ba-lance.. b-a-l-a-n-c-e..

Lil C played till almost 4.30pm when it was time to get ready for the reception. Well, the invite was at 7pm, so we planned to be there earlier at least. However, lil C slept at 4.30pm and got up at 6pm. So we hadda give him a quick bath and left for the wedding reception around 6.45pm.

Luckily everything went well today, tho the place where the wedding was held (Lucky Palace Restaurant) was having 3 wedding receptions! Its kinda noisy esp the next hall was having karaoke session among their guests, and the other one was playing loud music!!

Lil C was cool tho, he was sooo alert and wasnt cracky despite having lack of sleep / rest. Left the restaurant at 10.30pm where we had arranged with the taxi driver who sent us earlier to pick us up and sent us back to the hotel. Lil C slept on the way back in the taxi ride. Poor boy, such a loong day for him.

Picture with the newly wedded couple, Karen & her hubby, Chad.
Actually they got married last year, Sept 19. Only now they did their reception..
(I know Karen for a decade now. She was my uni-mate in Sydney.
Time sure flies very fast)

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