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Sunday, December 11, 2005

Back to KL from N9

We were ready to get back to KL after a night at Seremban. It's a small town, old buildings around.. however, seemed bigger than KK. Anyways, we managed to get a taxi to send us to Boulevard Hotel (attached to Midvalley Megamall) That was the idea of staying there.. dont think I can bear any of the traffic congestions esp with the lil one.

Here's a pix of lil C, seated at the Duty Manager's desk while waiting for taxi to bring us to KL.

Arrived at Mid Valley around noon. As our room would only be ready at 2pm, we decided to have lunch at Picolo Mondo, an italian restaurant. Here's some adorable acts of his:

CAK! PaPa!

He was imitating PaPa, playing house using the Menu List.. hehehe
After all that journey. yet he was still energetic & alert!

We got our room 1501, but unfortunately there's no bath tub for lil C to bath! We didnt realise that only some rooms has such facilities. So, MaMa hadda think quick how to bath lil C... so:
hehehe.. thought he enjoyed it! He's looking at PaPa thro the mirror! so cute!

Special Pose.. "I love this bath tub, just the right size =)!"

After bath, had dinner and roamed around the shopping mall. Above was lil C in a push car! Didnt really enjoy the 1st day of shopping at this mall. Its just tooo crowded! Thinking back, I lived in this big city for 5 years... Guess dat living in it is different than visiting.. hehehe.. no matter how familiar you are with the place..

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