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Monday, December 12, 2005

Day 2 in KL

Poor boy had some mild virus attack! He had slight fever & vomiting, which could be caused by 1001 reason, and one of them was that PaPa has flu. For some reason, this journey, lil C was so attached to PaPa that he only wants his PaPa to carry him around. So, I guess that's how he got the virus... hehehe.. maybe, just maybe.... (hehe..and MaMa has her arms lighter.. tee hee hee)

MaMa & PaPa brought lil C to see doc, but doc was only available at 10.30pm. SO, while waiting, M & P made him sit with Ernie & the Gang.. just to cheer him up.

Experimenting the steering wheel

Look at his face, not as cheerful as ernie... for now....

Chooo! Chooo!!

Doc gave Paracetamol for fever, and some brown liquid (forgot its name) for flu & vomiting. After seeing doc, we brought lil C to 1 utama to shop for babies stuffs... yippeee..

We browsed around, main purpose was to look for baby car seat.. and baby stuffs. Others were secondary... Went to check maxi-cosi, britax, mothercare, etc..... not sure which one to get...

When we were looking for taxis to send us back to the hotel room, it was raining cats and dogs.. Luckily this kind security guy was helpful.. got a taxi and stopped it just for us. Thank You!

Arrived at hotel, went for makan and jalan-jalan.

Put on his jacket while waiting at the taxi stand.. Now in hotel, trying to take it off by himself..


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