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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Day 3 in KL

Didnt do much today. PaPa hadda business appointment, so lil C (still slight fever & vomiting) and MaMa stayed in da room. MaMa made sure that b4 going anywhere, lil C shud haf enuff sleep/rest. He slept till noon, when PaPa has came back to the hotel room.

Earlier, after PaPa's appoinment, he went to 1 utama mall again, to buy the new baby carseat. We could have got it yesterday, but last night we were comparing the differences between the carseats that we saw... Checked online all the features that werent mentioned by the sales people. At the end, we decided to buy the red Maxi-Cosi Baby Car Seat at Bebehaus.. We were looking for a new carseat as the ones that we uses back home cannot be reclined as low. We needed this feature as we normally travel long-distance quite often with poor lil C's neck is tilt side/front ways. Hopefully this new car seat helps..
PaPa also bought Baby Einstein DVD. MaMa was looking for it hi&lo in KK/KL and Bebehaus offered a good bargain for it. I have read about this baby einstein stuffs but werent sure what it was... just sounded interesting... einstein..einstein.... Will give a review about it later!

Went to have Vietname food with a cousin of mine there. Walked around and bought some Xmas prezzie for those at home. =) Didnt do much shopping for myself too! Just not enuff time, especially knowing that lil C wasnt well. Maybe that's just MaMa's worries... I know he is gonna be fine, but just the thought of him being sick turned me off for shopping!

ANyways, am going home tomorrow.. Flight ETA BKI around 5.30pm. Hopefully all goes well.

p/s didnt take any pix today as not in the mood..

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