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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Home Sweet Home

There's no place like home, definitely!

Did our last minute shopping at mid-valley, packed everything (including the baby car seat). Kinda bulky baggage. We were worried about having extra weight baggage. Even taxi's booth couldnt fit that box (car seat) in. Checked out from Boulevard Hotel, its kinda messy.. Some how, our bill listed an unknown phone call made during our stay. After all the hussle, wasted our time so much, cleared out the discrepancies in the bill.. we checked out as our taxi waited for us. Left for airport at 12.30pm.

Lil C slept during the journey to the airport, which wasnt intended to. I thought to put him sleep during our flight. But its a pity to see that he was tired, or maybe got comfy during the taxi ride.

Arrived at the KLIA airport, had a quick lunch (actually needed a place to feed lil C). Hadda go through the international channel as the flight we were catching was via KK to Taiwan. So, basically, after lunch we were rushing to our departure gate. We met our friends who had just arrived from LA, and also catching the same flight as us, back to KK.

In the plane, lil C refused to sit. He was enjoying PaPa's companion and was playing with him most of the time. Luckily he wasnt cranky and MaMa gave him his pacifier during take-off. Almost another hour bfore landing at KK airport only then lil C slept... What a relieve!!

Arrived at KK airport, Jon suksuk was there to pick us up. Lil C saw his suksuk and was very excited. Arrived home, pohpoh & gonggong must have missed his cheekiness sooo much!!! Pampered him the whole evening..

MaMa stretched her back!!! erhhkkk.... its good to be home again!

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