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Sunday, December 25, 2005

Christmas Eve ~ My 1st Christmas

This is lil C's first Xmas. He already has his two front teeth (actually six now).. what more could he asked for! He's indeed a happy baby!

Lil C may not know what is Xmas for now, but he definitely know how to enjoy the moment. He was so happy, practically the whole day through! In the afternoon, Papa gave him a bit of Magnum Mini Icecream and he was the happiest kid on the block! Look how messy he became.. esp under the care of PaPa!

When we changed him to get ready for Xmas dinner, he knew we were to go out from the house! He sang, and clapped his hands on the way to MayFlower restaurant. (This year the family ~ more like Gonggong's~ decided to have CHINESE DINNER for Xmas..)

Lil C running away from MaMa after being dressed! He wanted his on freedom!
There he was, stood 'tall' holding unto his baby cot.

Sitting on his new Little Tikes' bench. 'Sorting' out his shape, which on to the mouth first! We received the bench this morning from KK Toys, which was quite early as expected. We were told that it'll arrived maybe after CNY. Anyways, an early Xmas prezzie.

"Okay, I dont really need the container.."

After dinner, we, da Vuns, came home for coffee, cakes & photo-sessions.. the best part, PREZZIES distribution!!
"Hey, this is mine!! Lemme taste it first...!!"

"Are these presents too? Why, my favourite! "
and he was caught putting those wrapping paper into his tiny mouth!

"Hey, i got myself another tasty looking shapes.. Yummy, but they are sure difficult to get!!"

Hope everyone loved their presents! Merry Xmas everyone!I know my lil C did.

Later, early this morning, gotta get up for Christmas mass at Church of Mary Immaculate, Bukit Padang. Then going to JiaGong's house for Xmas lunch. Going back to KK the nex day. Gotta pack lil C's stufss..

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