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Monday, December 26, 2005

Boxing Day

Hehehe... in 'our' culture, we have already opened the prezzies at Xmas eve with da Vuns, and Xmas day with the Dayas.

Just got back from dinner with the Slades at the Northern Indian Restaurant at Waterfront. Food was delicious but didnt really enjoy it! Maybe because during dinner time, lil C was climbing the high chair and wanted to be mobile, so M & P hadda take turn taking care of him. However, lil C was kinda cranky and wanted to sleep. Poor baby! He didnt sleep much today and yesterday too! Lil Slade was there too and he's coming to 4 months now. Time passed so fast! He looks bigger and lenghtier!

We arrived from Membakut around 3pm today, and that was the last nap lil C had. He slept in the carseat on the journey home. Earlier, cousin Uzie & family came to my parents house and had lunch together. Her son, Arthur, is a big boy now. He is 1 year and 1 day older than lil C, learned to walk before turned 1. At the moment, speech is a bit minimal, but does sign-language to communicate with family. So cute! The eldest one, Dora, or we call her DoDo, is quite a big size, a big eater too! She learns to take care of her lil siblings, Holly the chatterbox and Arthur.

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